“What do I do with these, Mom?” Karma whispered to her Mom as she took the petals from the red roses being passed around and cradled them in her palm. “Throw them on the grave when I throw mine, sweetie,” Sarah whispered back. “How ironic that they’re red roses,” Sarah thought to herself as her […]

The Keys

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“Here are the keys”, Harry said. “Look at him acting as if he’s handing over the keys to the Queen’s jewels”, Sheila thought bitterly. “Why now?” she asked. “Couldn’t I have had them when she was alive?” “Are you mad?” he said. “You know how it would have broken her heart to give over the […]

The Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Syndrome

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorced. The ‘love of his life’ has left him taking their daughter with her. He gave her a quiet divorce, supposedly to protect his religion from being exposed. According to the magazines, she is seen  smiling again and dressing stylishly. A change apparently from her lost look and uniform jeans […]

15 Ways To Be A Zen Mama

Blue Buddha

It’s been quite a journey since I jokingly said in 2008, “I’m a Zen Mama now.” This was the response I gave when answering how I was handling two teenage boys. I had decided to change myself and my reaction to my children. I had decided to let go and stop worrying. Two books, a […]

Letting The Hens Be

A farmer brought his brother to see the psychiatrist. “My brother,” he explained, “thinks he’s a hen.” “Really,” said the psychiatrist, “and how long has he been thinking on those lines?” “For about four months,” replied the farmer. “And you did nothing about it?” “No, Doctor.” “That’s too bad. Why in the name of all that’s […]