The Universe Conspired


When this month began, I told you I’d be blogging every day through December with the lovely NaBloPoMo theme of ‘More/Less‘. I started off well and continued using the prompts from the Write Tribe Festival of Words – 2.   “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen” said Ralph Waldo […]

Sponsored Video: Dreams Of Life

Gondappa 2

In India, parents dream of their children getting a good education, a fantastic career and then settling into marriage and presenting them with grandchildren! As we seem to get wealthier, middle-class parents now try to send their children to schools offering an international syllabus, then hope that their children will go abroad to study or […]

Understanding People?


Today I welcome Pablo to be a guest and discuss his views on people. Pablo, a soon-to-be 5 year old boxer is a seasoned blogger – having initially had his own blog and then condescending to share one with Jose and me. When Corinne mentioned all the reasons she loves me, she forgot to tell […]

Spirituality and Religion: A Guest Post


Jairam Mohan is somebody who pores over excel spreadsheets and power-point presentations in his day job, but believes his true calling is in boring people to death, hence, he updates his blog Mahabore’s Mumblings  quite frequently. Between his wife and him, they nurture their 2 yr old daughter and the blog with snippets from their […]

More Writing From The Heart


As I get set to write this I’m listening to Eva Cassidy sing ‘True Colors‘ and loving it. What a song, what a voice, and what a woman! But it’s the lyrics that get to me. ‘I see your true colours shining through…. And that’s why I love you. So don’t be afraid to let […]

My Blogging Mantra

blogging is fruitful1

We bloggers can be a snobbish lot at times. I’m sure, that in the past I’ve acted a little holier-than-thou about not monetizing my blogs or being concerned about the number of readers/followers I have. Not any more. I have monetized my blogs. The way I see it is  what I earn on my blogs […]