Getting Waisted by Monica Parker

getting waisted

Monica Parker’s Getting Waisted: A Survival Guide to Being Fat in a Society That Loves Thin found me via NetGalley!  And I’m happy to do this review in exchange for reading a wonderful book. This is a  memoir, taking readers  back to the time before she was born and seems to suggest that she was pre-destined to […]

Don’t Take Anything Personally


Age and maturity are not necessarily synonymous with each other. I know that from my own responses to events in my life and more importantly, to the words and opinions that I receive. It’s easy to take the words and opinions of people at face value and get hurt or troubled by them.  I know […]

To My Inner Critic


I have something to tell you, my inner critic -I have given you a name. I call you Cassius – after the character in Shakespeare’s, Julius Caesar. Why? Because Cassius had a major role in getting Brutus to kill Caesar. That’s exactly the role you’ve been playing in my life. You keep encouraging me to […]

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