Love Yourself


A few days ago, I went to a party hosted by a friend. My friend works with a company which is into multi-level-marketing of cosmetic products. As part of their business model, a group of ladies are invited for a get together. The agenda of the meeting is fun and business. So, along with some […]

5 Ways To Stay Resourceful


We’re into 2013. How are you getting along? Are you making progress with your goals? Hopefully you’re still sticking to your resolutions. If you’re a little behind on your goals, that’s okay. If you continue to have a will to achieve your dreams for this year, you will find a way to do it. Some […]

The Call: Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life

the call

I have been interacting with Lynne Watts, the author of The Call: Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life, for over a year now via our blogs and a blogging group called Blogplicity. From time to time, Lynne has been sharing updates about the birthing process of her book and it gives me a lot of pleasure to […]