Thankful seeds? Yes, the kind of thoughts you sow in your head that keep growing and growing. So you start out with one seed – being thankful for one thing and soon you’ll have another thing to be thankful for….Yes thankful thoughts multiply like rabbits. (no naughty thoughts, people – you know rabbits…yes, we had a pair once and within months we had a whole hutch full of them!)

So while I enjoy our monthly Gratitude Circle posts, I’m starting to enjoy writing a weekly Ten Things of Thankful (TTOT) post and linking in to the lovely ladies who host this. I’m also linking in to Laurel Regan’s Gratitude List.


So here’s my list:

  1. Thankful to the hosts of TTOT : Considerings (I hope you’re having a blast, Lizzi), Amycake and the Dude, A Fly on our (Chicken Coop) Wall, Finding Ninee, Getting Literal, I Want Backsies, The Meaning of Me, Thankful Me, Uncharted, The Wakefield Doctrine.
  2. As I reflected on events that brought sorrow to the world and watch in horror as tens of thousands attempt to find homes, I am thankful for the resilience of the human spirit.
  3. Rains right through the week that caused the wild rain lilies to sprout in our front yard – much like ‘thankful seeds’ they keep multiplying.
  4. Shelter, food and warmth – things that I often take for granted, but which millions around the world  struggle to get.
  5. Love – the everyday kind – something that I will never take for granted.
  6. Writing and blogging that allow me express myself in a unique way.
  7. Income that steadily flows from my work and is always a joy to receive especially at times when I don’t actively seek it.
  8. Inspiration I get from people who despite their difficult circumstances, manage to smile and bring joy to others.
  9. Appliances and devices that make life so much more convenient.
  10. Uncertainty about some aspects of our life that keep us grounded and hopeful.

What thankful seeds are you planting this week?