Sparrows' acts
Was it:
The day I was born?
Or the day I first went to school?
The day I aced my maths exam?
Or the day I fell in love for the first time?
The day I started my new job?
Or the day I first visited a beach?
The day I got a promotion?
Or the day I started my own business?
The day I met my future husband?
Or the day I got married?
The day I published my first blog post?
The best day of my life is the day
I discovered that the best day of my life is everyday!

Shania Twain – Today Is Your Day [HD] from Menno Mulder on Vimeo.


I’m responding to the prompt ‘The Best Day of My Life’ by Jo Heroux of My Wandering MindΒ for BlogFEST 2012.

What has been the best day in your life?Β 




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