A simple, yet powerful little story from the Midrash this Saturday:

A group of people were travelling in a boat. One of them took a drill and began to drill a hole beneath himself.

His companions said to him: “Why are you doing this?” 

Replied the man: “What concern is it of yours? Am I not drilling under my own place?”

Said they to him: “But you will flood the boat for us all!”

We often think that our decisions, choices and indeed our lives have no bearing on anyone other than ourselves. However, as the story reinforces, no man is an island ….. When I was younger (ever so long ago!), I would have understood this message negatively – that our mistakes and bad choices have an adverse affect on others. That is true to a large extent.
I now have a deeper understanding ……that if we don’t live to our fullest potential, and take our own very special, irreplaceable role in this world, then the world will so much less for that. In the words of  a 14th Century Italian Mystic – St Catherine of Sienna :

If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze. 

May you be inspired – everyday!


Pic @ AngelaBax’s Photo’s on Flickr