I look out at the sea and wonder at the vastness of the ocean. The sea always makes me long to travel to distant lands. Someday, I’ll do that. Someday, I’ll travel far away from my present life. I’ll become the master of my own fate and who knows, perhaps the captain of my own ship! I can’t share these dreams with her, of course. The very sight of the sea makes her sad. I know she reluctantly brings me on our annual holiday to the seaside. I suppose there are too many memories of him here. What she cannot understand is that, it’s these memories that make me long to come here. The sight and smell of the sea reminds me so much for him. I miss him too. But life must go on. I must follow my dream. Someday, I’ll sail the seas.

I’m dreading the day he tells me that he wants to sail the seas. I can see the longing in his eyes. Every year, I try to put him off coming here, but he insists. How do I make him understand how difficult it is for me? This place, the sea, the smells, all remind me of him. Sometimes, I feel that the sea is the enemy. She was his mistress and he spent more time with her than he did with me. Finally, the mistress won. Every time I look at the sea, I recall the day the news came. She did not even allow me the chance for the closure of a funeral. She took him away and left no trace. Now the only reminder of him is our boy. I hope she doesn’t claim him too.

The Boy and The Sea is my experiment with telling a story from two different points of view. Would love your feedback.

Daphne Romero of My Distant Husband is the host for BlogFEST 2012. Her prompt is the picture above. Read her post here.