I have been interacting with Lynne Watts, the author of The Call: Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life, for over a year now via our blogs and a blogging group called Blogplicity. From time to time, Lynne has been sharing updates about the birthing process of her book and it gives me a lot of pleasure to read and review her ‘baby’. 🙂


[amazon_link id=”0983680612″ target=”_blank” ]The Call: Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life[/amazon_link]is unlike those books that help you find your passion and discover your dream of a perfect life in which everything is just right. Rather the goal of the book is most beautifully outlined in the Serenity Prayer – the whole prayer which is essentially about accepting where we are in life and making the best use of our gifts.

Filled with meaningful stories including Lynne’s personal journey, the book also has several useful exercises for you to undertake and worksheets to complete. For example, there’s a very powerful exercise on recovering your dream in the first section Answering The Call.

The second section Making Your Goals Happen leads you through setting out your goals and taking planned steps towards them. What I appreciated was the practical nature of this entire section.  It is not for people who are perfect. (Hands up, everyone who is!). For example, there’s a great worksheet on Planned Neglect – helping you prioritize your goals and ‘neglect’ the things that are less important. There are chapters on the power of recognizing abundance and gratitude in the pursuit of our goals.

Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life is the third section of the book and deals with making your dream happen.

Lynne uses a lovely quote from Elbert Hubbard: “Parties who want milk should not seat themselves on a stool in the middle of the field in hope that the cow will back up to them.” The book is truly a call to get off your stool (your seat!)and go to the cow!  Lynne says “sometimes you gotta call the cow and sometimes you need to chase them down. Sometimes you may need to actually be the cow you are waiting for.”

Like I said earlier, [amazon_link id=”0983680612″ target=”_blank” ]The Call: Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life[/amazon_link] is not promising you an easy, quick fix solution to accomplish your dreams – nor the way to get a perfect life. Rather, it is a very motivating and practical book that helps to put you on the path towards your dreams. The inclusion of several personal examples makes this book very readable and motivating. I have always enjoyed Lynne’s thoughtful posts and practical wisdom on her blog and it’s so great to see the same reflected in her book.

I would certainly recommend [amazon_link id=”0983680612″ target=”_blank” ]The Call: Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life[/amazon_link] to you and perhaps you could gift it to someone for the holidays.