Today I’m happy to have Lux Ganzon of  About Life And Love guest post here.

Lux currently balances her time working on her dream business and pursuing her passion for writing; finding her one true love while building her own happily ever after; and chasing dreams as she lives in the reality of the present. Through her blog she hopes to someday leave a dent in the world.

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The Crossroad That Led Me to the Best

God will not bring me to it if He can’t bring me through it.

When you’re driving in an unfamiliar place, have you encountered a crossroad?

Which path did you choose?

Crossroads, reroutes, dead ends. I can’t count how many of those I’ve experienced in my life journey.

Sometimes, I feel like I picked the wrong one and wonder what would have happened if I didn’t.

For example, I was having a good time in my career years ago. It was a fun environment. I was earning awards for my performance. At some point, I even fell in love there.

But, I couldn’t stay put knowing there are greater things ahead. I’ve always believed that the good life is the enemy of the great life. And I’m not going to let the good stop me from getting what is great.

So, I left.

Only to be in a dead-end kind of 9-5 job. Bigger pay, of course. So much bigger. But it was a really toxic place; people were difficult to work with, there was a lot of pressure, we weren’t treated as humans. We were like robots.

I got sick a lot. And despite the financial fulfilment, my spirit was running empty. To top it all, that person I fell in love with in my previous job left me for someone else. I was so hurt.

It was devastating. I questioned God’s plans and wondered why He let those things happened.

Then again, wasn’t it me who begged Him to let me pursue that career? Wasn’t it me who turned a blind eye to the red flags I saw on that guy? Wasn’t it me who chose this path?



Looking back, I realized one important lesson. Through it all, whichever path I choose, God never left my side.

I realized that had I not left the job I loved, God would still be there. Had I not given up on that relationship, God would still be there. But if it’s not good for me, if it’s not part of His grand plan, He would still have made a way for me to realize my mistakes and bring me somewhere else. He would still bring me people who would point me to the right direction and send me to a situation wherein I’d realize where I should be.

The most effective way for a stubborn kid like me though is pain. Pain was the trigger to make me see clearly. Suffering was the way for me to realize what really is best for me.

Truly whenever I’ve thought I’m having it good, God steps in and tells me, “My child, the best is yet to come. Come follow me and I’ll show you more.”

Have you ever come to a crossroad and didn’t know where to turn? What did you do?