Looking back, I think I was a really opinionated little girl. Let me tell you why. When I was about seven, my Mum bought a second hand doll house for me. It was huge and it had two levels and some great furniture in it. I really loved it. However, not too long after I acquired it, along came the parents of a girl who was a few years younger than I am. They visited us to check out the doll house to make a replica for their daughter. I was furious and wanted to know why they had to copy my house – couldn’t they come up with their own. Why did that little girl have to have exactly the same doll house as me. I think much of the joy of owning that  doll house went out when a copy was made!

Is Imitation the highest form of flattery?

Recently, I’ve discovered that I have a blogging shadow (okay, an imitator). I should be flattered, no?  But I’m feeling kind of ‘doll houseish’.

Yesterday, I wrote about finding my own voice.  I cannot stress how important that is to me and to every person. The moment you try to imitate, you lose out on creativity. You lose out on being you.

When someone imitates me, I’m irritated and upset with them – can’t they be themselves and let me be me. I’m not flattered. Are you? 

May you be inspired – every day!

Listening to Imitation here.