On the evening of New Year‘s day, Jose came back from taking Pablo for a walk and the moment I opened the door said, “I have bad news for you.” Now given the fact that they both looked safe and sound, I wasn’t too perturbed. “I’ve lost my wedding ring.” he said.

Apparently, Pablo had got into a friendly joust with another dog and José felt that his ring which was rather loose fell off when he was trying to control him. After leaving Pablo at home, José went back to the same spot to look for the ring, but had no luck. When he came back, I said, “Forget about it. Let’s hope that whoever finds it, really has need for it.”

I put the ring out of my mind as did José.



The Law Of Abundance At Work

The next morning, I got up with a strong feeling that we were going to find the ring. I told José, “Let’s go to the spot where you lost it.” So I was marching up and down the road looking for the ring. I was also pretending to be most casual about it, not to alert passersby that we were looking for something! But we had no luck.

Later in the day, Jose was vacuuming the house when he noticed something shiny under the bed – there it was – the ring!

We’re grateful that we found the ring – it is an expensive piece of jewellery and does have some sentimental value. However, its temporary loss reinforced in us the notion of abundance. When I said “I hope the person who finds it really needs it” I  believe was letting go of the ring. I  exercised the Law of Abundance: there is always an abundance of things spiritual or temporal. We all have exactly what we need at the present moment – and there’s plenty for everyone.

Do you think it was the Law of Abundance that was in operation in this situation? Have you had a similar experience with letting go of something – a relationship, a plan, an object – only to have it come back to you?