the love mindset

A short while back, Vidya Sury, mentioned that she was reviewing a book called ‘The Love Mindset‘ and gave me a link to the author’s website. I looked at website and was fascinated by the premise of the book and there was just something about the author’s serene face that made me want to read this book. So I shot off a message to Vironika Tugaleva and asked her if I could review the book too. She very kindly agreed and sent me a copy of the book.

I am of the opinion that ever so often a book comes my way that radically changes the way I think or feel about things. It is my belief that the Universe brings these to me as ‘teachers’. ‘The Love Mindset‘ is certainly a book of this kind – radical, challenging and life-changing.

First let me tell you something about Vironika Tugaleva. Vironika is an author, speaker, people lover, reformed cynic, and a different kind of spiritual teacher. She helps people heal their minds and discover their inner strength.


Now to talk about The Love Mindset and what I think of it.

There is just something about the simplicity of Vironika’s writing style that makes her words resonate deep within. Also, she’s is not afraid to be open with her own experience and her views on current practices that label various illnesses. Her radical idea is that we change our mindset to see a lot of our problems with depression and addictions etc are not genetic but a deep cry of the body to show the individual’s need for and deprivation of love. What a powerful concept – and one that I am inclined to believe.

According to Vironika, there is no scarcity of love – on the contrary there is an abundance of it. However, given that we’re are consumers and addicts, we operate in scarcity mode. The author goes on the show how various world religions tend to be either of the heart or of the mind. She suggests that we need to reach unity between heart and mind to truly experience love.

Sharing from her personal journey of trying to find love outside herself, Vironika gently challenges the whole idea of the self-love movement and the importance of soul mates. This is where is really got interesting for me. Having learning the importance of loving myself, I was surprised to read this from Vironika. However, when I went deeper into this, I realized that she was not challenging self-love, but rather the fact that we are told to ‘love ourselves’ but not told anything beyond that. This might sometimes lead to people believing that the is a ‘fixed, unique destiny’ – you ‘find’ yourself and you ‘find your soul-mate’.

Instead Vironika pushes us to create a much broader, all-encompassing mindset of self and love and our vast potential. Let me quote from the book:

Within, you hold a tiny piece of eternity, a fraction of life, a mirror of the universe. You are pure potential…Potential is boundless.

The author goes on to talk about the greatest barrier to love is most often our own constructed ‘self’. This is something I can absolutely identify with from my own experience.

I could go on and on, but suffice to say that The Love Mindset is a book I will be re-reading in order to allow the truths that Vironika has shared to become more a part of my own mindset.

Vironika’s authenticity shines through her writing and the deep truths she shares are truly amazing!

Do read more about Vironika and her inspiring book The Love Mindset. Connect with Vironika on Facebook too.

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