The Story Of My Life


Sometimes we use other people’s words to tell the story of our life! ;)




  1. Wow!! This is so awesome!! Simply loved your expression through these book spines, Corinne!! :)
    Shilpa Garg recently posted..My Scary Crazy Weary ExperimentsMy Profile

  2. That is so nice!
    Rahul recently posted..The CrossroadsMy Profile

  3. Hi Corinne,

    Other people’s feelings and expressions hidden in the words as I see mostly ;) Words can be of anyone but not exact feelings and expressions, no? :)

    Mayura recently posted..Blogging Tips from Bloggers for You to Blog BetterMy Profile

  4. Wow! This is amazing! :)
    I would love to try this sometime .

  5. What a fabulous idea, Corinne. I truly agree with you. Sometimes other people can express our views and feelings better than we can. I think that it’s because we’re so involved, we can’t think objectively enough to express ourselves entirely.

    Great image.
    Anne recently posted..Confidence To Have PeaceMy Profile

  6. Alka Gurha

    Anne has put it so nicely……so true.

  7. Great idea Corinne –
    Must try the book spine thing myself.

    Thanks for the inspiration

    Pete Chapman recently posted..6 Reasons To Use Kangen Water® As Part Of Your Wellness Regime!My Profile

  8. Love it Corinne! Very creative. Your selections raise my mood and make me smile. I have read some of them, and the other titles say a lot in the titles alone. Life affirming!

    P.S., You have given me the idea, which I have not seen before. I have plenty of good books. I may try it.
    Buddy Hodges recently posted..7 Time Management Tips to Make the Best of 2013My Profile

  9. Love it, and love the idea of book spine poetry!
    Dawn Storey recently posted..In the eye of the beholder?My Profile

  10. Hi Corinne,

    I love this post because of the simplicity but yet the power of the message.
    Makes you think of the book titles that apply to yourself….
    Well done
    Mark Walsh recently posted..Keyword Analysis Tool that’s Smart…… You!My Profile

  11. ahhhhh! glad i returned!!! that is not cheating — it is collaborating!!!!!
    Dangerous Linda recently posted..merry misfit xmasMy Profile

  12. Such a beautiful message brought out so nicely :)

    Loved it!! <3
    Privytrifles recently posted..Chapter 2013My Profile

  13. Great example of less is more! A message that is so true. Thank you Corrine
    Lydia Brown recently posted..Twitter One of My Favorite Social Networking WebsitesMy Profile

  14. Teach Jim

    Live, Love & Laugh is what is on the walls of our home. I do like the living loving and learning book. It takes me into our living room where the is a sign hanging above the piano my wife teaches at that reads ” To Teach is to Love”.
    Great inspiration. Thanks!
    Teach Jim recently posted..What will you QUIT this year to succeed?My Profile

  15. good one, Corinne!!
    Roshni recently posted..Wishlists and realities!My Profile

  16. Perfect ! corinne, love this expression !

  17. Loved the collection. The book spines tell the complete story indeed :)
    Jas recently posted..When Love Fades In and Out: My Entry To the GetPublished ContestMy Profile

  18. Fabulous :). Indeed books often reflect our thinking.
    Rachna recently posted..Moral degradation!My Profile

  19. Annetta Powell

    A picture is worth a thousand words!

  20. You,for sure come up with original ones
    B k Chowla recently posted..GAYATRI MANTRAMy Profile

  21. This would make an excellent Friday moment! Very creative, Corinne!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..Name It to Claim ItMy Profile

  22. I want to tell myself “Will the real me stand up please??” Its getting to that levels sometimes !!!
    I like the way you’ve done this post !!!
    UmaS recently posted..WWMy Profile

  23. loved this…and the new look of your blog.
    sukanya bora recently posted..This is What I Call LoveMy Profile

  24. Book spine poetry! That’s brilliant. I’m going to look at my books on the shelf in a totally new way.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Word of the Year 2013My Profile

  25. Coolest thing I’ve seen all day! Thank you so much for the surprise.
    NettieMae recently posted..Should You Get a Job or Start a Business?My Profile

  26. My story life is very simple.I am very easy & casual boy.Any away I am very serious about term of plan.
    Andrew recently posted..Tally peacocking like a twatMy Profile

  27. I’ve seen other friends do it and your book spine poetry is great :) Wow! I like the midlife awakenings most of all ;)
    melissa recently posted..PeaceMy Profile

  28. Inspiring Citizen Rafi

    Hello Corrine,

    This is stunning. I am seeing such a post for the first time in my life and you are unique in all ways.
    I will read all your articles and share my thoughts on those within the next 6 months.
    That’s a personal target I have set for myself.

    Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted..A Unique Interview With The 22 Year Indian Copyblogger, Rahul Kuntala, Who Is Earning More Than His DadMy Profile

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