The Bible tells of Jesus curing ten lepers. I know it’s not politically correct to call leprosy patients lepers, but I’m using the word for a reason. Once he had performed the miracle, he asked them to go show themselves to the priests, so that they would be accepted back into the Temple. They all ran off to do that. All except one man. He came back to thank Jesus for healing him.

The story is often used to teach us the value of thanking God for His blessings.

The Tenth Leper

I recently read (and can’t remember where it was!) about Β a group of children being asked to enact this story for their Bible School. The teacher told them the story and enlisted 11 children to play the ten lepers and Jesus. They were asked to report the next day in costume to perform the play. Β The teacher tells of how nine children playing lepers all turned up with bandages and the tenth came resplendent in a spotted rug! He naturally got to play the tenth leopard…errr..leper! πŸ™‚

I found this story cute, but I also thought it was so meaningful. The tenth leper was different in the original story. And he certainly stood out in the school play.




The tenth leper had a grateful heart. AndΒ a grateful heartΒ can really make you different!

Photo Credit: More Good Foundation via Compfight cc