I’m sure it’s still there somewhere among a pile of cards and letters I’ve kept – a handmade card with a cardamom stuck next to the word ‘Dear……’. The joke was that I had told my friend that one of the pet names my Dad called me was ‘Cinnamon’. And so when my birthday came around, she took the trouble to make a card to tell me that I was special – maybe not cardamom, but I did have a bit of spice!! Yes, the card is there alright, kept safely, but I’m sorry to report the friendship has not been kept ……….



Over the years we all collect a lot of souvenirs of special moments and keepsakes to honor special relationships. I guess it’s good to collect these things, cherish and take care of them. But sometimes, like me, we’re holding on to things and memories while we’ve lost the essence of what those things mean.

Let’s take care of our relationships – and ‘keep’ the important ones. Let’s also learn to cherish and value all the ‘keepers’ in our lives – the ones who cherish us and treat us like we’re special, as indeed we are!

May you be inspired – every day!