An ancient Greek myth tells of the monster, Minotaur, who hides in a labyrinth from which no one can find their way out. To end the constant stream human sacrifices that the monster demands, a young prince, Theseus decides to descend into the labyrinth and fight the monster. It appears that even if he successfully kills the monster, he’ll never find his way out of the labyrinth. Princess Ariadne, who was madly in love with him decided to help him. She gives him a ball of thread, which unravels as he descends. When he kills Minotaur, he is able to find his way back to through the labyrinth with the help of the thread.

The Thread That Leads You Back

Sometimes we can be consumed by darkness.  Dealing with  the consequences of our bad choices. The crushing of our dreams. Despair. Hopelessness. Our creativity is at its lowest. We’re lost.

Theseus had his thread to take him out of the labyrinth.  What’s the thread that leads us out of the labyrinth in our minds and hearts? How do we find our way back to ourselves?


I have no answers for you. Because I need to ask myself this question today? What would your answer be?


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