I certainly not the scary movie type. I just don’t enjoy the vampires! In fact, I stay away from most action films too. Perhaps, this was decided early in my life, when at age 6 I was taken by my Mum to see The Wizard of Oz. I still remember that evening clearly. How could a child ever forget the day her Dad went off to war?  Mum thought she’d keep our minds off the situation by taking us for a movie. All was well – Dorothy was a sweetheart. It was the Wicked Witch of the West that set me off. I just couldn’t take her eerie laughter. I began to fidget and squirm. Then I began to close my eyes. When it got too bad for me, I asked to be taken home. I’m not sure my brother stayed back till the end, but Mum and I certainly went home.

I watched the movie the other night and I laughed at myself for being such a scaredey cat back then. But I still won’t watch scary movies even if you pay me!

Today’s prompt for the BlogFEST2012 came from Nicole of World of My Imagination.

What movie (or book) scene scares you the most?