A few years back I came across Nick Williams’ book – Unconditional Success: Loving the Work You Were Born To Do– which made a big impression on my life… When I was running Metamorphosis, every time I met a challenge along the way, I would pick up that book, and I immediately find a quote or a passage which reminded me why I decided to start my own business and what following your heart is all about.

To my mind Nick’s idea of ‘work’ resonated with my idea of ‘vocation’ – being who you were meant to be. His book challenged me to look at areas in my life that needed to be worked on. I remember one particularly powerful quote: “The way to win our heart back is to venture again, to risk giving, receiving and trusting again, and of course to risk getting hurt again, but deciding to forgive and to no longer use the hurt or fear to keep ourselves in prison.” So in many ways, Nick’s writings challenged me to dream again and I did!

Over the years, I’ve have actively followed Nick’s works including his initiative, ‘Heart at Work’. So can you imagine how happy I was to ‘meet’ him on Facebook and what’s more he actually started a correspondence with me, which included feedback on my blog!

I’ve been recommending that people read Nick Williams’ books for years now and it’s just got even easier. Nick turned his signature book – The Work You Were Born to Do – into a fantastic e-book. And the best news, he’s offering this great course totally free of charge on his website.Simply click below, sign-up, and the first issue will be with you in moments:


It’s a multimedia e-course so you can either stop the audio and read the issue, or you can close your eyes and let Nick talk you through his step-by-step approach. I find the second option refreshing when you’ve been staring at a computer screen for a little too long!
I hope Nick Williams will inspire you as he has inspired me.