Last week, we heard a woman screaming out a string of insults at the workers in the apartment opposite ours. As we listened closer, we realized it was a neighbour from upstairs, calling the workers ‘animals’ etc. Their crime? They were doing their work – breaking the plaster prior to painting. Her reason for being upset? She couldn’t sleep in the afternoon. My husband had to remind her that the whole building had suffered similar discomfort when the work in her flat (and subsequently ours) went on. And the workers in her flat worked late into the night. She argued that her workers didn’t make that much of a noise! How would she know – she didn’t live here at the time. But in her mind she was entitled to her afternoon nap and how dare anyone disturb her!

Is a sense of entitlement, described as an unrealistic, unmerited or inappropriate expectation of favorable favorable treatment at the hands of others, peculiar to one generation or kind of people? Seems like dogs these days have it too! 😉


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