Yesterday, I reviewed an interesting book, The Write Crowd, on Write Tribe.  As usual, I also gave a prompt for our #100WordsonSaturday feature.  This week’s prompt was: Write about a time you gave someone good advice about writing and/or blogging.

While I’ve received a lot of writing advice over the years, and plenty of blogging inputs, the prompt was to talk about what I had contributed to another writer’s learning. I could only think of a story – so here it is.

The Write Crowd Gone Wrong?

Ronnie discovered Kelli’s blog  by chance.  She began to comment on the blog regularly and slowly introduced Kelli to a lot of bloggers, forums and blogging events.

Kelli came into her own. They connected with other bloggers – Matty, Wanda, Sabrina…  Ronnie  had a fall out with Matty. The others were forced to take sides. The whole group blocked Ronnie on Facebook.

A year later came an email from Kelli: ‘I’ve been published. I want to tell you because I consider you my mentor.”

Ronnie was amused. She had heard of writer’s block. But mentors blocked?

Email acknowledged. Block continued.



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I wish I could say that the ‘story’ was fiction.

Just today I read Sunita’s response to the same prompt. In her post ‘The Making Of an Author‘, Sunita shared how she encouraged another woman to write a book.  A lovely story. I found a comment on this post most interesting. Another blogger wanted to know if the author had acknowledged Sunita’s contribution. My comment was that we’re not always acknowledged. Sometimes it’s enough to know what we did. And that’s true. There used to be a time when I was upset by a lack of acknowledgement – and in the story I shared, the total lack of respect. Not any more. We do our bit and if people don’t acknowledge or respect us, that’s their loss, not ours.

I would really love to hear your views on this.