appelAutumn is not really a distinct season in India. All my images of autumn come from my reading.  To me no one described autumn better than John Keats in his poemTo Autumn‘. But then I’ve always been partial to Keats.

His poem dwells on three aspects of autumn – growth, maturity and finally approaching death. So much like the cycle of life. We grow and blossom, mature and then get ready for the ultimate leveler – death. To me autumn is all about celebrating life and love and taking the time to focus on our most prized relationships.

Today, when I think about the word ‘autumn’, I’m not sure why I get an image of my grandparents. I can recall them singing a song called ‘Silver Threads Among The Gold’. This image doesn’t fill me with sadness, although they have passed on.  Instead, it makes me want to treasure my relationship with my husband.  It makes me want to be more focused on our love and to celebrate our lives together and as individuals. I know I’m getting carried away, but that’s what memories do to us. That’s what examples of love and caring do.

Here’s to autumn – a season of celebration, of gratitude for the abundance we have, a season to treasure love!

What does autumn mean to you?


Writing for BlogFEST 2012.  Today’s host is Jenny Taylor of So Very Me. Do read her post here.