Blogging is no longer just seen as a great hobby and creative outlet. It’s also becoming one of the best ways to start an online business that earns real income. Many bloggers have found that they’re able to quit their full-time day job and focus exclusively on blogging, giving them flexible and excellent earning opportunities.

Top Tips To Start a Home Design Blog

One of the most popular blogging niches that seems to be alluring to many readers is home design. From the high-end home design blogs to the minimalist and DIY design bloggers, it’s an excellent blogging industry, particularly if it’s something you have a personal interest in.

Despite the appeal of creating a home design blog, or any blog for that matter, it can be intimidating when you’re just getting started.

Below are some easy tips to follow, as you build your home design and décor blog.

Do Your Research

Of course, you’re going to want your blog to be original, and you’ll want to share your unique perspective and vision, but at the same time, it’s valuable to see what’s already out there. Before you start the actual work on your design blog, you want to see what’s popular in the blog and design worlds, and what resonates most with you. You can also look at the ways other bloggers have laid out their sites, how they interact with their readers, and whether or not they focus their blogging in one particular niche or on one specific design style, or it’s more of a general blog.

Share What You Love

If there’s one thing that no other blogger is going to have, it’s your unique perspective. Use that to your advantage. When you’re just getting started with your design blog, keep it simple and focus on inspiration. For example, choose online décor stores or designers you love, and share your favorite pieces of furniture on your blog. This can be a good way to start building up content and readers, and then you can determine the best direction to move in as you create more original content. This is also a good way to learn the specifics of your personal style. Many bloggers start out knowing they love interior design, but they’re not exactly sure what their style is, and they actually learn that over time and throughout the development of their site.

 Focus on Your Images

With a home design blog, images are really everything. You need pictures that are high-quality and beautiful. You may take your own pictures, or you might source them online. Just remember, the images should be high resolution, and you should also cite where they came from. Taking your own pictures is an excellent way to establish yourself as being a true original in a highly competitive market, and it gives you the opportunity to offer something no one else can, so it’s certainly an approach worth considering.

Becoming a home décor blogger is by no means easy, but when you are dedicated, passionate and patient, you can turn it into something you not only enjoy, but that either supplements your income or serves as your primary revenue stream.

Have you ever considered being a home décor blogger? If you are one, do share your journey.
Pic credits :  Modern Home – via Shutterstock