True Romance

He barely touched her lips with his gentle, tender kiss, making her hungry for more of him. His arms wrapped firmly around her, and finally she knew he would never leave. She could feel his beating heart …


I’ve always been a romantic.  I cry if a story or a movie does not end in everlasting bliss.  The heartaches, joys and complexities of the love game fascinate me.

It all started in sixth grade when I had a long affair with True Romance Magazines.  Teachers confiscated my copies more than once, as I sneakily tried to read them in class.

One summer my parents sent me to Puerto Rico, where I discovered “novelas”.  These illustrated Spanish tales of love, betrayal, yearning, broken hearts and affection triumphant mesmerized and captured my imagination..

I’m certain these influences helped shape my sensitivities.  Fantasy flavored my expectations of  love.  Of course, as I grew older my ideas of romance changed.  Now, I’m happy to share some soft music, receive flowers or be surprised with a favorite meal.  To me, that’s very romantic.

But I also view romance from a larger perspective.  I look at life as romance.   Always enticing, it leads me on, not to the proverbial happy ending but to the depths of new beginnings.  Like a big tease, it seduces me and asks, “How much can you love?”

It takes a lifetime to answer this question, the way it takes the little flower its lifetime to be romanced by the sun.


“To love one’s self is the beginning of a life-long romance.”

Oscar Wilde


The author is Myrna Rosa  whose blog Daily Spirit is evidence of her great talent for poetry and story writing. In the last year or more that I’ve interacted with Myrna I’ve found her to be very deeply reflective and very sincere and thoughtful. I do feel that Myrna’s writing deserves a lot more readers and she is hiding her talent under a large bush in New Mexico, where she lives.

Please visit Myrna’s blog and I’m sure you’ll be hooked.

Thank you for writing here, Myrna. I’m feel so honored that you did.

May you be inspired – every day!

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  1. Erin O'Riordan says

    What a wonderful reflection. I’ve been reading ‘The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart’ by the Korean-American teacher Ilchi Lee, and I thought that what Lee is saying between the lines is that to be fully awake and alive, what happens to us is that we fall in love with the world, not only the other people but with the rocks, the water, the trees, the air. 

  2. melissatandoc says

    Oh I know I’ve read this :) I would love to be romanced by the sun ~ to keep me warm on cold nights :P… I’m also a romantic. I used to read my mom’s books too so she started buying the Tagalog ones and I couldn’t understand them much 😛

    Thanks for this very beautiful post ~ I’ll be visiting your blog. Thanks BS :*

    • Myrna says

      Thanks Melissa.  I’ll be looking forward to your visit and I’ll visit you too.  I think being a romantic means you have a warm heart.   Take care of it.

    • Myrna says

      It’s true, and of course it’s most important to love ourselves first.  I guess it sounds strange, but that can be the deepest romance of all, then other romances have a better chance of success.

  3. Bonnie Gayadeen says

    I have a vision of a flower just blooming in the sun…..thank you for introducing this vision to me…..As always…..XOXOXOXOXO

  4. Andy says

    My dear Myrna,
    Since I “met” you, I have always enjoyed reading your blog.  

    My own love affair with love began in the womb of my mother. Every time she ate, drank & breathed, she imparted her love in me (smile). Since then, I too live, eat, breathe love. I’m constantly telling everyone that I am the twin brother of love…existing in it’s image. As far as I’m concerned, one can never have enough love. Life is both love and romance. Sadly, not all of us get the chance to experience it, but for those of us that do, it’s the most beautiful feeling…to be consumed by the magic & mystery of love. 
    Thank you for this beautiful post, Miss Myrna. Your heart is indeed the epitome of love.

    Thank you Corinne for spotlighting Myrna.

    • Myrna says

      Andy, you are my love doctor.  Whenever, I need a dose, I go to your blog for refill.   Blessings to you my friend.

  5. G Angela says

    Lovely post ! just enjoyed reading every bit of it, Thanks corinne for connecting to Myrna, I do feel romantic in rediscovering myself …

  6. says

    Ah, the unmistakable Myrna Rose whose blog I’ve been frequenting for the past year and a half. What I love about Myrna and her posts is that both are simple, reflective and intense.

    Corinne, I’m so glad you chose Myrna for your guest post on this day.

    And I so enjoyed reading this post which shares the simple and sweet story of love in Myrna’s life. Her recent post which talks about the love of her life is a fitting companion to this post. I’d advise readers to first read this post and hop on to Myrna’s post on love.

    Joy always,

  7. says

    Aww the romanticism of romance… how romantic. =) Novelas you say, hmm I haven’t read a novela but, I sure love quite a few telenovelas. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours Myrna. 

  8. says

    Welcome to WP! :) The last quote by Wilde reminds me of Whitney Houston’s song about loving yourself as the greatest of all loves. Been hearing a lot of her songs lately. As for romance, yes latinos do seem to have it in spades, like over the top actually. In my case, I just spent Valentine’s with my significant other at home, enjoying home-cooked meal and watching TV with my mother. That was truly romantic. :)

  9. says

    Hello! How exciting to read a bit of Myrna’s beautiful prose in a new arena! I don’t remember when or how Myrna and I came across each others’ blogs, but I’m so grateful to know her and call her my friend!

  10. Mary Hudak-Collins says

    Corinne, lovely post.  I wonder, sometimes, would I look at life differently if I had been more of a reader.  It is something I just never cared to spend much time doing, and am still very much that way :)  You reflection on life being a romance, I have never quite looked at life that way, but will now after reading your words lol.  Thank you for sharing :)

    • Myrna says

      Mary, there are so many ways, paths to live life.  Some of us read, others prefer to discover it more personally, by experience alone.  Thank you for taking the time to read this though.  Happy romance.

  11. Myrna says

    Thank you Corinne for hosting me today.  I am so glad to be here.

    And thanks to all who read this.  I so appreciate your kind comments.  

    May true romance dominate your lives.  Happy Valentine Day.

    • Myrna says

      Rimly, I’m glad you enjoyed this.  I imagine we could always find many aspects of love to write about.  Perhaps love is the deepest aspect of ourselves.

    • Myrna says

      I hope this adds a little bit to our thoughts of love, because love is so deep, we could probably write about its different facets forever.

  12. L.C. Griffith says

    Myrna, this was sweet. I am amazed at the heart’s capacity to love and loving yourself is where it all seems to begin. “I look at life as romance.   Always enticing, it leads me on, not to the proverbial happy ending but to the depths of new beginnings.  Like a big tease, it seduces me and asks, “How much can you love?” Beautiful!

    • Myrna says

      As the years go by, more and more I am convinced that love begins at home – in our heart, for ourselves.  We cannot give it if it does not first dwell in our souls.

      Thank you so.  I’m happy you liked this.

    • Myrna says

      You’re so right.  The heart has a limitless capacity to love.  And I do think it begins at home, in our own hearts.

  13. Martha Orlando says

    Beautiful reflection on romance!  Being a die-hard romantic myself, I so enjoyed reading this.  Thanks for sharing Myrna’s story, Corinne!

  14. Anonymous says

    wonderful!  especially:  

    “But I also view romance from a larger perspective.  I look at life as romance.   Always enticing, it leads me on, not to the proverbial happy ending but to the depths of new beginnings.  Like a big tease, it seduces me and asks, “How much can you love?””  


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