Wordy phrases are the hallmark of Indian business writing. I guess,  we inherited it from the British. We think that the more ‘formal’  the word used, the more important we sound! That’s not true. Fewer words make better writing.

We often use two or three words where one word would do. This is what results in wordiness. Avoiding wordy phrases can help to keep sentences short.

Take a look at this sentence: Sanjay believed, but could not confirm  that Anita had feelings of affection for him. 

Isn’t this simpler?:  Sanjay assumed that Anita liked him. 

Here are a few wordy phrases we can replace with a single word :

with reference to/ with regard to  with  about

considering the fact that  with  since

it is necessary that with must

subsequent to  with  after

in anticipation of  with before.

I have only shared a few examples, but you get the idea, don’t you? Use fewer words

Would you like to re-write a couple of sentences, removing the wordy phrases? Leave your response in the comments.

1. The position with regard to the shortage of labour in Maharashtra is very serious.

2. Employment does not involve the necessity of obtaining a medical certificate.

Keep it simple and short!

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