What is your life telling you right now?

That’s a question I’m directing to myself.

I realize that Life is telling me what I need just now.

If I listen carefully, I hear : Paint. Walk. Connect. Write. Stay real.

How do I hear these words? They come to me through my husband, through things I read, from the ‘voice of my body’ telling me what it needs.

Do I always respond to what Life tells me? Sadly, no.

But I do listen. I do try. And I remind myself today that all I need right now, is what my life is telling me I need.

But sometimes I’ll fight it real hard.

Sometimes I’ll say, ‘If I am to achieve this, I need ……….. Β And until I am able to get that, I’ll wait.’

It might be something as simple as a notebook, but I’ll use it as an excuse.

This makes me remember the movie, Karate Kid. If you’ve watched it, you might recall Daniel trying desperately to understand Miyagi’s secret. The conversation in one scene went like this:

Daniel: Hey, what kind of belt do you have?
Miyagi: Canvas. JC Penney, $3.98; You like?
Daniel: No, I meant…
Miyagi: In Okinawa, belt mean no need rope to hold up pants.
Miyagi: Daniel-san, [he taps his head] Karate here. [He taps his heart] Karate here.
[Points to his belt] Karate never here. Understand?

Ah yes, if my head and heart decide something, nothing should stop me, right?

If I want to stay real, I need to make sure that my head and heart are listening.

Listening to what Life is saying.

Listening to my body.



Being real.

Being me.

“Whatever you have forgotten, you can remember. Whatever you have buried you can unearth. If you are willing to look deep into your own nature, if you are willing to peel away the layers of not-self you have adopted in making your way through the tribulations of life, you will find that your true self is not as far removed as you think.”
~ Meredith Jordan

What is your life telling you right now?



We come to the end of this week of the September Blogging Challenge. Have a good weekend.