sleepless man illustrationWhat keeps me awake at night? There was a time that worries, fears, heartache, work and guilt kept me awake many nights. So did coffee!

I’ve finally learnt not to allow worry and fears for the future keep me awake. It almost took a lifetime but I finally got there. The heartache and the guilt disappeared too – good riddance! I don’t work anymore. And strangely, coffee doesn’t keep me awake any longer, either.

Do you want to know what does it for me?

A good book.  Yes, I can stay up all night if I’m enjoying a book. I just ‘have to’ finish it. The last book that did it for me was my friend, Leah Griffith’s book –  [amazon_link id=”0985306610″ target=”_blank” ]Cosette’s Tribe[/amazon_link]. I smiled, I cried and I stayed up until 3 am until I finished it.  (Review coming soon.)

A bad dream works too. My dreams are very vivid and often a bad dream will wake me up. Then, I deliberately keep awake for a while because I don’t want the dream to continue. The night before last, I had a dream like that. I was travelling in a city bus and suddenly a rather ill-looking lion appeared on the road. I kept yelling at the driver to run over it,  even though I am an animal lover when awake!  I was also screaming to the conductor to close the door to prevent the lion from getting into the bus.  All that noise was enough to wake me up.  I refused to count sheep after that for fear the lion would re-appear and eat the poor dears up. 😉

What keeps you awake at night?


I’m taking part in BlogFEST 2012 – the biggest blog party in October! Today’s host is Susan M Dusterhoft who blogs at Today’s Working Woman. Read her post here. 

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