Some months ago I shared with you seven questions in my post ‘What makes you ‘you’. I realized today that though I had shared my answers with the Everyday Gyaan Google Group members, I hadn’t shared them on the blog. Here are my answers then:
1. What is your primary purpose during this life, and why is that important?
To be a source of loving inspiration to people I encounter. I believe it’s important for me to ‘pay back’ for all the love and inspiration I’ve received from others.
2. What are your greatest natural talents – things you’ve been told you have a knack for doing?
Being a non-judgemental ‘presence’ i.e. a good listener
Making people feel comfortable to be themselves
Expressing myself well in the written and spoken word 
3. What are you doing when you feel totally alive, deeply involved, and the hours seem like minutes?
Being creative – writing, designing courses/training programs.
4. If you just found out that you had six months to live, what would you spend it doing?
Being grateful for all I have.
Making sure my loved ones know how much they mean to me.
Contributing my time and talents to a project involving adolescents. 
Making sure all my ‘stuff’ is sorted out so there’s nothing for my family to do.
5. What characteristics will you be remembered for?
My loving nature and humor
6. What are you the most determined to accomplish during your lifetime?
Write and publish a few books that will be an inspiration to others 
7. How are your deepest passions connected to what you are doing now?
I have already begun the process of trying to inspire through writing.