NaBloPoMo June 2012


I saw today’s prompt and I started to think – what makes me jump for joy? Actually, I don’t jump – if I did, it would probably set off something that would result in a tsunami! However, my heart does jump (it does a lot of other tricks too, but I’m not telling!) and there’s several things that can set it off.


My heart jumps for joy when I receive gestures of love from my husband and family, friends and yes, even from Pablo.

It jumps for joy when I have accomplished something as simple as cooking a good meal, writing a good post or doing a good turn for another.

My heart jumps for joy when I hear a particular song or a piece of music that reminds of someone or some event.

When I read a story of triumph over handicaps or the heroism of a simple person, my heart jumps for joy.

A quiet time of reflection and prayer – when wisdom comes – when forgiveness is received – when forgiveness is given – and when I know that I am loved unconditionally by God – that’s when my heart jumps for joy!

I am grateful that I experience such moments of joy in my day to day life.

What makes you jump for joy? 

May you be inspired – every day!