Every celebratory gathering in my grandparents’ home included singing. The song to end the party was always – ‘When you come to the end of a perfect day‘. You can listen to Judith Durham’s version here. I thought of this song this morning and it brought back lovely memories of growing up. But I also wondered, what makes a perfect day?

Like everything else, a perfect day would mean different things to different people. To some it might mean a day when things didn’t go according to plan and life surprised them. To others it might mean a day when everything went according to plan!

I’ve been talking about consciously slowing down, but I’m aware that not everyone has the luxury of doing that. Also some people are happy being busy – it seems to suit their personality.

I am in awe of many women who have very busy working schedules and yet manage to be there for their children and pack a lot other activities too into their  lives. My sister-in-law, a doctor, is one such woman. I’ve often wondered how Ann does it – have a full day at the hospital, oversee the children’s homework and make sure they’re on time for their music lessons, try out new recipes, lead a small choir and be part of a choral group and entertain seemingly effortlessly. She leads a busy life and I began to think what makes a perfect day for her. I’m certain hers would be a perfectly busy day when everything went according to plan.

But plans don’t always work out, do they? I’ve often heard her taking calls at night giving instructions about patients.  There are other times when she gets stuck late at work and the children need some assistance with their homework or schedules.

What would make the life of a busy modern woman a little easier?  An easy-to-use, mobile app that helps her get more easily organized? Today, Vanaia, a New York-based mobile app developer, has released a video that pays tribute to modern women like Ann. 

Incidentally, the app, called ScanWritr, is truly worth checking out. It helps you keep your paper work under control with its ability to let you scan, fax, convert to PDF, print, store and share.

when you come to the end of  a perfect day


So when you come to the end of a perfect day, you might actually owe it to ScanWritr! 😉