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Why I Bought Myself A Diamond Ring

I’ve never bought myself a piece of jewelry. I’ve been lucky to receive jewelry as gifts, and I inherited some from my mother and my husband’s family. But a couple of month’s ago, I bought myself a diamond ring (or, at least, I attempted to buy one).

I’ve always prided myself on my relationships with family and friends, but we can often go through life fooling ourselves. In recent years, I’ve begun to see how some of these relationships were quite skewed. One of these has been with a certain family member in which I’ve always been the one to compromise. I always give in, and yet, I’m always being made out to be the bad guy.

When I’ve been called upon to fight the other person’s battles, and I’ve done so willingly. But I am also the one who gets thrown under the bus when I disagree with her. I also began to notice that this person has a lack of respect for my time and privacy.

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