It's time to write I have shared before my love for words and books. Today I’m pondering this question:

Why I Write?

In the last few months, I have been reading and attempting to follow Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way. I started it in January. I had an agreement with a friend that we’d message each other about the progress we were making on it. I sincerely began my Morning Pages. And then it stopped suddenly. It wasn’t because of my usual inability to stick to a task. No, it was something else that made me stop.

The simple exercise of putting pen to paper every morning and writing without a purpose – brought to the surface a lot of unresolved issues for me. As a result I dropped the morning pages like one would a hot iron! I have since taken them up again – but that’s an entirely different story …err.. post.

The whole experience reinforced for me the power of writing – as a tool for self-expression, for healing, for challenging, for bringing change. That is precisely why I write – to express myself, to heal myself, to challenge myself and to change myself. If in the process of  reading my writing,  someone else is healed, challenged or motivated to change, that is a bonus.

Why do you write?