Writing and Living Free

The Golden Retriever Meditates on What it Means to be Cold, Loved and Warm

I have loads of draft posts here waiting for me to complete and publish. I  planned to write another post today, but I’m not drawn to publish it.  Instead I want to spend the next fifteen minutes just writing – free writing – sharing my thoughts, telling you what’s going on with me. Do you mind?

Free writing – setting my ideas free – allowing my thoughts to run wild, while I try to capture them in words.  I’ve been doing that almost every day since the 1st of January.  I’ve been following Julia Cameron’s advice to get those Morning Pages out almost the first thing every morning.  I can’t tell you exactly what that is doing for me – except to say that it’s setting loose a whole of memories and emotions that I thought I had got over. Some that  I didn’t even know existed!  Such a simple exercise, but such powerful emotions. It’s something I would recommend to everyone now. I’m sold on the Morning Pages – and I’m going to spread the word.

Another part of me is getting more organized. I’m putting my thoughts and plans down.  I actually have an editorial planner in place this year. Yes, me! Even if I sometimes break loose and write like this – most times I’m hoping to follow a plan.

I’m also organizing all the blogs I want to read regularly this year. I keep discovering new ones, but I want to follow some special ones this year and form more meaningful blogging relationships. So while all my old favourites stay, I’ve added a few more and created a document to follow them in a systematic way.

Don’t pretend you’re not impressed already! Seriously, I am. 😉

My reading is going well too. I’ve committed to read a 100 books in 2013 too. I’m going to make sure they’re more meaningful books than last year though.  Besides The Artist’s Way , I’m also currently reading and learning from You Can Create An Exceptional Life by Cheryl Richardson and Louise Hay.  Already I’m struck with quite a few things I’ve read in both the books and I can see them helping me to make my life more meaningful.  Of course, I’m indulging myself in all those lovely, romantic stories too – I can’t resist them.

The one thing that I’m not doing – and what’s new about that, you ask – is exercising.  I always start tomorrow. But it never comes, does it?  I  have been thinking deeply about what’s causing me to resist getting fit and healthy.  I had better stop thinking and start walking.

My 15 minutes are up.

I’d love to hear what’s happening in your life and what 2013 is teaching you already.

15 minutes Free Write is GBE’s prompt for the week.