Your life matters! I’m sure you know that – but in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a reminder.

Last week I got one of the most thoughtful birthday gifts I have ever received. An old friend took the trouble of writing me a long, long letter and sending it to me beautifully presented in a folder. We’ve know each other for almost a lifetime Β and she wrote about the many times we had laughed and cried together. She went on to thank me for things that I had said to her and had done for her that she recalled, many of which I had forgotten about. What made the gift special was her thoughtfulness, the trouble she took to express her love and friendship and the surprise at receiving it. But what really made the gift outstanding was the message it reinforced for me, which said: YOUR LIFE MATTERS.


I remember watching one of Gary Zukav‘s interviews on the Oprah show in which he was asked about his thoughts on suicide. He replied that although we have free will, if someone takes their own life, there are consequences they may not realize. He said: “One day in the future someone will walk into a room and find you’re not there. ‘Where is he?’ she’ll say to herself? Why is he not here?'” Zukav was implying that someone else will miss out on the soul connection he or she was meant to have with you.

In simple words: You life matters much more than you will ever realize.

Just thinking about this truth, makes me want to live a better, fuller life. It makes me want to get out of bed and go be Me – the best Me I can be. For, often unbeknownst to me, I am making a difference to someone, somewhere. And so are You.

Do you believe that your life matters? If you don’t, you’d better believe it starting now!Β 
May you be inspired – every day!