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Another Chance To Get It Right

Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning. ~Oprah Winfrey

Isn’t it wonderful that we’ve been given another year? I don’t know about you, but I’m excited at another chance to get things right. I know it might seem kind of childish, but I do see the new year as a new beginning. I’m sitting here and writing a post because I’m continuing to examine just what I want to get right this year.

Two things I would like to focus on this year are – getting fit and writing a book. But I’ve said this before, haven’t I? Am I really ready to commit to these goals?

I read something interesting just today while scanning a book called ‘Do It Tomorrow’ by Mark Forster. He says that there’s a huge difference between ‘interest’ and ‘commitment’. “You wouldn’t expect anyone to say: ‘Beethoven was interested in music’ or ‘ Shakespeare was interested in writing plays.’If someone tells you that they are committed to something that gives a very different impression than saying they are interested. It gives you the impression that they live, breathe and eat the subject.”

Okay, so I’ve decided I’m no longer just ‘interested’ but ‘committed.’

When starting, remember where you want to end up, and you will hasten your arrival. ~ Alan Cohen

So if I want to reach these goals, I’ve got to ask myself some questions again:

1. How will I feel when I become fit?
2. What will I need to do on a day to day basis to achieve fitness?
3. What sense of accomplishment will I feel when I see my book published?
4. What do I need to do every day to make this dream come true?

By answering these questions, I’m working on breaking up my larger goals into daily actions. I’ll keep you posted on how this plan is going.

I’m wondering what your goals are how you plan to achieve them. Please feel free to share (there’s a new contact form on the right sidebar for your use).

Here’s a beautiful song-prayer that I’m using to meditate:

Hear my prayer
Bring me through the darkness, hear my heart
Draw me in
On this bright, new morning

Here I am, stay with me
Never too late to forgive
Here I am, set me free
Sing Hallelujah

Angels walk with me
Guide me to the water’s edge
Wash away my doubts, my fears
Lord, strengthen me and bring me back to you

Change my heart
With a gentle touch you change my world
Hold me close
Fill my life with beauty

Hear my voice, stay with me
Bring cool water to my lips
Hear my prayer, set me free
Sing Hallelujah

Angels walk with me
Guide me to the water’s edge
Wash away my doubts, my fears
Lord, strengthen me and bring me back to you

Angels walk with me
Guide me to the water’s edge
Wash away my doubts, my fears
Lord, strengthen me and bring me back to you

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  1. umsreflections umsreflections January 5, 2010

    Hi Corinne!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU !!!!A year where you write a book and get back to a fitter you !!!!And write more posts that inspire us !!!!Take care !!!

  2. Gyanban Gyanban January 5, 2010

    If you like moya..Ia m guessing you must ve heard Enya..listen to the track trains and winter rains.Loreena Mckenette is something magical.If ever you get a chance to listen to her,please buy the cd – highly recomended.

  3. millers millers January 5, 2010

    Everyday is a new beginning, and we must to commit to make every new beginning a great one.

  4. agent green glass agent green glass January 3, 2010

    beautiful post. perfect to start the new year with. happy new year. and lots of love.

  5. Mythreyi Dilip Mythreyi Dilip January 3, 2010

    Thats a inspiring post.It made me think positively about my life. Now i'm clear where i should channel my energy…..Thanks and all the very best!!!

  6. Zeenat Zeenat January 2, 2010

    Hi Sweet Corrine,I am all excited to see these new changes you want to bring to your life :)A book and health…we kinda have the same new goals eh ;)I can already see your book in my hands..and it topping the bestseller…You can do it…and I so glad I am going to be able to tell everyone..hey That Great Writer..That Is my friend :)Lots of love and best wishes for your new endeavors :)Zeenat.

  7. Lorena Lorena January 1, 2010

    Hey Corinne, my advice to you on getting fit and writing your book since I exercise regularly and recently sent my book into the publishers is;try not to overthink all of it. Just take baby steps and build on your momentum and if you really need it, pat yourself on the back or praise yourself for little accomplishments like" I laid my exercise clothes out on the bed, yeah!" I walked 15 minutes- better than yesterday not walking at all yeah!" it may sound silly but if you've been stuck, it frees up energy and pushes you closer to your goal. Also, for me it helped thinking I was doing things for others- my dog book about shelter dogs, I will donate part of the proceeds to help them , and their stories needed telling to enlighten people about their plight. When I walk/exercise, I take shelter dogs along or friends dogs that don't have time to walk them. It is fun for me, fun for the dogs and I don't want to stop- which is much more fun than working out on inanimate exercise equipment. So maybe form a group of walkers and help each other, or walk and take photos for the blog, or I someimes walk in neighborhoods with beautiful homes or gardens so it feeds my soul and exercises my body, plus you get to meet and talk to people when on foot thus building community. Hope it helps you as you have helped me. Baby steps=start somewhere and the momentum builds on it's own. Good Luck

  8. Avanti Avanti January 1, 2010

    Hi Corrine…. finally got the time to visit your blog (no, I was not busy, I was just lazy) Love your header! As for this post… interesting goals…. 🙂 Its so true when you say mere 'interest' is not enough…. action is what is needed… hope there's plenty of action in store for you this year (of the good kind, of course) Happy New Year 🙂

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