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Blogratitude – 10 October 2011

Many blogging friends will know that I’m somewhat reluctant to pick up awards and tags. I don’t mean to be snobbish – it’s me. However, over the last month my fellow bloggers have awarded me with the Versatile Blogger award, the Liebster award and I have been asked to join an interesting tag called My Seven Deadly Links which requires you to post 7 links from your own blog, for example, ‘My most popular post’, etc.

I’d like to thank these lovely women and one handsome fella, for their generosity and  give you the links of their interesting blogs and introduce them to you in their own words:

Lisa Selow – The Punk Rock Psychic

My mission in life is to help others to liberate their true selves and live their true purposes. I am an agent for positive change, working to make the world a better place one person at a time.

I’m a slightly crazy lady approaching early retirement, which will give me plenty of time to indulge my passions for travelling, photography and reading. In the meantime I’ve decided to share my experiences and thoughts on this blog.

Amethyst Mahoney – Positive Magic 

I am a 34-year-old female Army veteran with a BA in Psychology, a Master of Public Health, and a Master of Divinity in Comparative Religions. I am currently working on my Doctoral Dissertation in Divinity. 

Larry Lewis – Larry

I’m a writer, Personal Development & Life Coach Coach,features a blend of personal development, healthy living articles, and anything to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including information and tips designed to help empower and inspire you to live life to the fullest. I work alongside my clients to help them achieve maximum success in their lives.

Nelieta Mishchenko – Join Me On A Journey of Discovery

I am a born and bred South African girl, married to a Russian man and now live in Argentina.  My first major trip was to the UK. I can still remember the mixture of fear and excitement when I landed at Heathrow airport. I was totally on my own and it was my first overseas trip. I came back a changed person. The world has opened up and I felt alive again. I have kept travel journals and it helped me a great deal to discover myself again. It also helped with the healing process. People often ask me how I choose my next destination. “I don’t”, I answer them, “it chooses me”. 

Pamela Rossow – Pamanner’s Blog

I’m a freelance writer, woman, mom, best friend, daughter, sister, auntie, and niece.  I am co-author of  a book entitled Mind Over Body with Peter Ajello. My blog is about poetry, relationships, photography, life, nature, hockey, and whatever else procreates on my computer screen. It is a cathartic release of emotion captured by my keyboard (or camera) when my muses strike. 

There are a lot more wonderful  links I’ll be sharing with you in the days ahead. 

May you be inspired – everyday!

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