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Candle Of Hope

The first in the series of Hope Posts is written by the very talented and very wise Debra El-Ramey whose blog, ‘Pure and Simple‘, I discovered quite recently. Debra is an  accomplished musician and a published author. In every interaction with her, I’ve sensed her depth and compassion. Thank you, Debra for being so willing to write for Everyday Gyaan and for this lovely post.

I leave you, dear readers, to savor her post….
Every single soul I know on the spiritual path holds a candle of hope. The hope that they’ll outshine mediocrity.  And what is mediocrity but falling short of giving our all to every task?  Or, as some would say, missing the mark and becoming less than we were destined to become.
We have the capacity to create our own reality

but we must first develop the powers we are born

with and mature spiritually.  ~ Caroline Myss

We hope to be the best poet, mom, teacher, storyteller, gardener, cook, healer, dancer, artist, photographer, musician, homemaker, or writer we can possibly be…

Wherever we are or whatever we do, we give it our all.  Every moment of each new day holds opportunities to outshine mediocrity and live wholeheartedly.

Whether planting a garden, peeling potatoes, or stirring soup on the stove… every chore can become prayer.  Every task blessed.  Even jobs as menial as dusting can become sacred acts.

While dusting furniture I lift objects from the mantel or tables and pray for those smiling back at me in framed pictures, or those who’ve given me the gift I’m holding in my hand…

….like the friend I’ve lost touch with, the one who took the time to paint Hopi Indians with intricate brush strokes on a plain gourd and present it to me. 

The practice of mindfulness allows us to uniquely bless everyone in our path.  When I’m teaching music I silently pray that my students be inspired.  When I meet strangers in public a blessing can be given in the form of a simple smile…

Or in the shape of a tear.  When the world spins out of control and natural disaster strikes, as we’ve recently seen in Japan, our hearts weep for their every moment of suffering.

The candle of hope I hold is to shine a divine presence wherever I am, and to leave the world a better place than before I came here.

What does your candle of hope look like?

~ Debra El-Ramey

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