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Posts published in “Creative Writing”

Of Beaches

Sandy feet, messy hair Endless  blue horizon Soul at peace. Today I’m linking in to Haiku Heights #267 – Beach  created by Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason.

55 Fiction

  This is in response to a brilliant tutorial and a prompt by Vidya Sury on Write Tribe.   Train Tracks  Rahul walked slowly alongside the tracks.  Fed up of the monotony of it all, he wondered if he should end it. Everything seemed  meaningless without his sweet Sheela.  He…

The Shadow Of Your Smile

  My dearest love I stood on the platform waving to you until your train was a speck in the horizon. I was so sad at your leaving but proud of your decision. I was filled with hope too. I have asked the doctor to give you this when you…

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