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Daring Greatly

Trust The Empty Spaces

Trust the empty spaces. Loneliness.Boredom.Pain.Disillusionment.Disappointment.Death.Divorce.Misunderstandings.A lack of love.Feeling cut off.Writer’s block.Uncreative days. Space.Empty spaces. Tempting to fill them with:Meaningless conversations. Endless internet hours.Longer hours at work.Drowning it in alchohol. Retail therapy.Hard to trust the empty spaces.Difficult to believe.That they’re there for a purpose. Empty spaces.We need them.To find our deepest…

It Can Be Easy #MondayMusings

The time will come, Corinne, and it will be sooner rather than later, when your greatest admirers and protégés will look at your life – your achievements, possessions (especially your book published), and passions – frown a little and sullenly say, “Yeah, but for you… it was easy.” At which…

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