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Posts published in “Daring Greatly”

Daring Greatly

Maybe It’s Time #MondayMusings

Maybe it’s time She thought to herself That she let love in And allowed herself To be cared for And let Someone else take the lead. Maybe it’s time She realized That she let others know What she needed Instead of expecting Them to guess her needs Or always being…

Missing Pieces of Me #FridayReflections

Missing Pieces of Me is a reflection written in response to the #FridayReflections prompt of ‘missing’. Missing Pieces of Me Early one morning it hits her And sends her reeling – The realization of what had happened. How gradually and quietly She had fallen apart. The gaping hole in her…

A Lot Has Changed #FridayReflections

I’ve often fallen behind in my journey towards being more authentic and assertive. I will assert myself and then fall back into being a wimp. For too long, I’ve been concerned about doing what’s perceived as the right thing or allowing duty to dictate my actions. Recent events in my…

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