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Dear Old World #MondayMusings

“Dear old world’, she murmured, ‘you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Dear Old World

I turned 52 last Monday.
It was my saddest birthday as I struggled with a personal crisis. I kept breaking into tears all day long.
But there is always something to be grateful for. Yes, there is.
Through the tears, I gave thanks for the blessing of being alive.
I was grateful for the dear old world I live in
Even though there are so many times I worry about where we’re all headed,
I know there’s so much to be grateful for
So much natural beauty to enjoy
So much kindness and humanity to appreciate
There’s creativity, there are words,
There are books
There’s music
And art
Most of all there’s love
And I continue to experience so much of it.
Dear old world,
I truly am glad to be alive in you.

The more alert we become to the blessing that flows into us through everything we touch, the more our own touch will bring blessing.
– David Steindl-Rast

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  1. Balaka Balaka August 21, 2017

    I am praying for you Corinne, there is always light behind darkness. Have faith and you will overcome and hugs

  2. […] saw the truth of William Blake’s words very recently. As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, life has been topsy-turvy for  over two months now. We had already announced a blogging challenge […]

  3. Neha Neha August 17, 2017

    My gran always advised only one thing ‘ Always be grateful for what you have and you will never be unhappy’ I didn’t understand it then, but I realize now that it is so powerful and true. Your post reminded me of her

  4. Zainab Zainab August 17, 2017

    I really hope you feel better soon. I just pray that you feel better and happy soon.
    Really liked the quote you used in the end.

  5. Slim Expectations Slim Expectations August 17, 2017

    […] This post is a link up with Amrita & Deepa for MondayMommyMomments & also linking this with #Monday Musings […]

  6. mackenzieglanville mackenzieglanville August 16, 2017

    oh my dear friend, I am so sad to know you are hurting. I know it is part of life and your outlook in this piece is so beautiful and inspirational. Still I wish you were no suffering. The world is an amazing place and you make it more so, always know that xx #mg

  7. Rajlakshmi Rajlakshmi August 15, 2017

    Hey Corinne, I am really sorry you are going through this rough phase. I don’t know what to say… I really hope that you will be your cheery self soon. There are always some things in life that we have to live through. And only time can slowly heal that. Take care of yourself. Sending you lots of love.

  8. Gilly Gilly August 15, 2017

    Really sorry to hear about your sadness Corinne. I may not be around much online these days but I haven’t forgotten you. I hope this crisis passes soon and that you will feel peaceful. I know how you feel, we have so many ongoing crises with our ancient parents that we live in a permanent state of worry waiting for the next one – it isn’t easy. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday with lots of strength and love in your life. x

  9. datmama4 datmama4 August 15, 2017

    Corinne, I’m so sorry you’re going through such trials right now. I turned 52 in February, and just two weeks before, I’d lost a very close friend due to a misunderstanding by a third party. I fought myself all that day, trying to not focus on the one person who didn’t call to wish me a happy birthday for the first time in years, and to appreciate the many friends who took the time to text me, call me, and post on my Facebook wall (some of them multiple times). The bottom line: when I actually sat down and reminded myself of all the good things I still had going on, the bad thing seemed small in comparison. It didn’t make it go away, but it put things in perspective.

    I think it’s admirable that you’re trying to focus on the beauty around you, and positive things. Writing when I’m feeling broken has always helped me. It doesn’t make our problems disappear, but it reminds us that nothing is completely hopeless.

  10. Mahati ramya adivishnu Mahati ramya adivishnu August 15, 2017

    I wish you hope in your tough times. It will pass through with time. My Belated birthday wishes Corinne.
    There are many things in this world to be grateful for especially the love we receive.

  11. Shalzmojo Shalzmojo August 14, 2017

    Wish you a very happy belated bday and a big big hug to you for its very very tough to see your parents go through illness wihle you sit there helplessly musing over what will happen! I suffered a very scary time myself with my dad’d health since last May and its in Aug this year that he has been given a clean chit of health with loads of injunctions.
    Its not only emotionally tough but patience wise also is draining and one can get frustrated too very soon with sleeplessness and constant demands and then the overall worry.
    I hope you find y our strength through it all. When I sat in the hospital at 3 at night to wait to see how my dad would respond to the treatment – I only told myelf again and again – this too shall pass!!!
    It did! Its been a year and I have no idea where this time has gone by! But I am glad for all the silver linings that I have seen so far and pray for your loved ones too!! Big hug!

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | August 14, 2017

      Thank you for sharing, Shalini. I have spent many such nights in the past and I know what you mean. Glad to know your Dad is doing well.

  12. Keerthi Vydyula Keerthi Vydyula August 14, 2017

    Stay strong Corinne! Watching loved ones suffer is something no one can get over with. I have been there. . Talking and sharing your pain itself is very admiring of you. Love & Hugs!

  13. Mocktailmommies Bloggers Mocktailmommies Bloggers August 14, 2017

    Wish you a belated Happy Birthday Corinne!
    At times the life does turn out be difficult. However a grateful heart always find a path to flow effortlessly with joy! Its just a matter of time, for sure!
    Going by my personal experiences, I have found “crying out” to be very therapeutic! Tears are the best cleansers!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  14. Reema D'souza Reema D'souza August 14, 2017

    I loved how you chose to count your blessings even during your difficult times. I pray that things get better soon.
    Hugs! Take care.

  15. Vinitha Vinitha August 14, 2017

    Hugs, Corinne. I know it is a difficult time. Yet, you find things to be grateful for. That’s good. I have so much to tell you, but I feel it is unnecessary. Hugs.

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | August 14, 2017

      Thank you, Vinitha. And you’re most welcome to tell me anything, anytime. Hugs.

  16. Amrita Basu Amrita Basu August 14, 2017

    The more alert we become to the blessing that flows into us through everything we touch, the more our own touch will bring blessing.
    – David Steindl-Rast
    Corinne this is the biggest truth in the world.That you shared it makes you very special. Loss,pain suffering all test us. Admire your silent strength .Prayers .

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | August 14, 2017

      Thank you, Amrita. I’m glad I have this space to express myself and my beliefs.

  17. RamyaRao RamyaRao August 14, 2017

    Seeing your loved one suffer and then leave you is tormenting beyond words. Words faik to express and console.
    Wishing you all the strength and love.

    Love & Hugs,
    Ramya ❤

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | August 14, 2017

      Yes, watching the suffering is perhaps the hardest, Ramya. Thank you for everything. ♥

  18. Nabanita Dhar Nabanita Dhar August 14, 2017

    Hugs, Corinne.
    I wish I could tell you it’s okay but getting over a loss is not easy.
    I hope you feel better.
    I admire how you chose to do this post and the message even when you could have easily found faults with the world.

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | August 14, 2017

      Thanks, Naba. I’ve always found gratitude as a rock to get through tough times. I’m sure you feel the same.

  19. Esha Mookerjee-Dutta Esha Mookerjee-Dutta August 14, 2017

    Hugs, Corinne. I know its been a very difficult time for you. Praying things improve and you feel better soon. I know how it feels because we are also facing something similar in a way, with my mom-in-law who continues to remain in a critical condition in the hospital for over a month now, leaving us with plenty of uncertainty at the moment.

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | August 14, 2017

      Thank you, Esha. Sorry to hear about your Mom-in-law. The uncertainty is what gets you.

  20. Sheethal Susan Jacob Sheethal Susan Jacob August 14, 2017

    I really hope that you are Ok now. Loss of any kind is sad but one should get over it. From what little I know you, I am sure you’ll emerge stronger than before. Hugs & loads of Love. Take care.

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | August 14, 2017

      Thanks, Susan. It’s a loss, and yet not one. It’s hard to watch someone suffer.

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