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Finding Inspiration

I’m always fascinated by where folks find inspiration for their writing and other creative works – especially poets, artists, musicians and writers of novels.
Since Everyday Gyaan is about finding inspiration in everyday life, most often I write as things strike me. Sometimes, I’ll save an idea, a thought, a picture, a quote, a song, a poem in a folder on my computer. Other times, I’ll save a draft on Blogger. I also jot down some ideas, in a note book, but not too often.
Here are two fabulous links I found for bloggers to find inspiration:
Michelle Shaeffer has recently launched Daily Blogging Ideas – an inspirational playground for bloggers! Another cool place to get inspiration.
I have two questions for you today: 

1. Where do you get your inspiration for life and for writing (if you are a blogger?)

2. How do you ‘capture’ this inspiration, so as to make it a part of you (or your work)?
I’m eagerly looking forward to your responses….

Today I’m linking in to Amanda’s lovely blog Self Sagacity
Click on ‘Two Questions’ to learn more about this meme.

May you be inspired – everyday!


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