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Finding My Sentence

This morning I read something that really struck home.  Apparently American playwright Clare Booth Luce  said this to President John Kennedy when he was trying to follow an ambitious agenda home and abroad. She said: “A great man is one sentence“. 
These words seems so meaningful in present day life. Most of us are trying to be and do so much. Everyone takes pride in multi-tasking. How often we get busy with the urgent  and lose sight of what’s really important to us and what we really want to achieve. 
I know that I’m not the President of the United States of America (wouldn’t that be something!), neither am I planning to be famous. But I certainly want to be be effective.

So, over the last few months, I’ve had to challenge myself about things I have got busy with.  For example, I offered to be involved with designing a course – something that was not bad in itself. However, it was going to involve a lot of my time and effort and I was not sure where it would lead ultimately. I wasn’t afraid of taking that risk, but realized that it didn’t quite fit in with what I really want to do with my time right now.

I have to constantly be mindful that I might do things that  are good in themselves, but are not helping me to move towards what I want to really achieve. I have to chose between doing what’s good and doing what’s best.

After reading Clare Booth Luce’s advice, I realize that it would be a good idea to coin my own ‘sentence’ – which will encapsulate what I want to truly achieve. The process of writing that sentence is going to be interesting and meaningful. I hope to be able to share my sentence with you later this week.

May you be inspired – everyday!

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