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Gratitude Works!

When I was about 16, I was introduced to a concept of prayer called ‘Praise’. . I also read a series of  books by Merlin Carothers – Prison to Praise, Praise Works, etc. This concept advocated that  you accept whatever circumstances that come your way as a gift from God and when you pray you don’t ask God for anything but just give spend time honoring God. Well, in principle, I bought the idea. And I did try to put it in practice. However, looking back now, I must confess that it was a very shallow attempt. Somewhere in my mind, I had got the concept wrong – I thought if I praised God things would work out well. And when they didn’t I gave up on praise and even for a time on God! 
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With age, I’ve learnt that praise is another name for Gratitude. And I’ve learnt that gratitude works!  I’ve been thinking over my own journey from ingratitude to gratitude, and marveling at how deep inner gratitude makes me happy.

And I began to wonder whether we’re born grateful and unlearn it as we grow older? Or is gratitude something that is not intrinsic to human nature? I have no answers to these questions (would love to know what you think). But what I do know is that learning to be grateful can truly be life changing. To be able to see the good in all circumstances and to give thanks for everything is one of the most important ingredients of a meaningful life.
Today I wish my friends in the US a Happy Thanksgiving. May you have a wonderful celebration. And more importantly may you experience the power of deep gratitude in your life – everyday!


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