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Another post on Hopeanother wise and lovely lady….this week has been truly special! I’m so pleased and proud to have my friend, YogaSavy write a post here. Savira is a yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher – someone who has left the comfort of the ‘known’ to follow her heart and take a journey of hope….. 

The title of her blog truly reflects her life: LIVE (In The Moment) LAUGH (Always) BREATHE (With Awareness). I’ve known her for over a year now and our interactions have always been positive and fun. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Savira is that spirituality has to pervade every aspect of our life. Savira lives life to the full and spreads her positivity and sense of fun all around. 

Thanks, Savy for this post and for being you!

May you be inspired – everyday!

The vibrant and vivacious lady of Everyday Gyan invited me to share my thoughts on four little letters called ‘HOPE’. Without a second thought I accepted this invite. It is only after I accepted did I realize the vastness of the subject. I also realized what a challenge I was facing as Lady Hope’s (Corinne) blog is filled with messages of hope. I have shared my thoughts on many aspects of the human emotions but this one I have not.
I like to see with my mind and then feel within my heart. This step or way may not work all the time but I have had moments where it has encouraged me to step forward. Having a vision or a path allows me to be free from any type of limitations or constraints. It allows me to see beyond what is here or now.
By focusing on what’s within my heart and mind and looking ahead I give rise to four letters that when joined together form a very powerful word called HOPE.
When hope arises a gentle fire begins to light within my spirit. My journey forward begins to be filled with confidence and faith. I feel equanimity within my body and heart. “I am where I am supposed to be.”
Hope is necessary for me as it keeps me going. There are times when I think hope can be disappointing and at other times it is a secret gift – hidden from others but seen by myself.

I can see it in the distance at times, yet I cannot see it.

I can reach it, yet it is unreachable.
I can feel it, yet its touch is indescribable.
It is tempting, yet can be quite disappointing.
Is it an image or just my imagination?
Is it a feeling from within or is it my mind playing games with me?
Whatever it is, Hope is what I call it.
I believe that hope is what we see when we close our eyes. I have to see it within for it to bring me to my path.

Dream lofty dreams and as you dream so shall you become ~ James Allen

~ Savira

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