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Happiness: Is It Hiding In Plain Sight?

When I came across Christopher Foster’s blog, The Happy Seeker a few months ago, I felt a deep connection with his thoughts. It’s hard to explain but every time I visit his blog I feel a sense of peace and am always inspired.

Naturally I attempted to connect with Christoper and was delighted when he responded very positively. Here’s what he had to say about my blog: I love the photo at the top of your home page of the Mumbai train. I did visit Bombay (as it used to be) a number of times back in the 70’s and I enjoy re-connecting with that ambiance through your blog.

Christopher is the author of ‘The Raven Who Spoke To God’, a heartwarming story of a young raven who believes there is more to life than eating and playing, but faces obstacles at every turn as he seeks to understand and realize his life’s true purpose. The book is also an invitation to step outside our busy world and experience the serenity of Now – the simple joy of Being.

I’m honored that Christopher allowed me to share his post on Happiness here. Thank you Chris for the inspiration and the generosity!

This is a post about happiness, and the strange, paradoxical truth that little, apparently inconsequential things often have more power to actually deliver on happiness than the big, ambitious schemes we sometimes dream up.

The beauty of letting the little moments of our life be an aperture for happiness is it takes no effort and doesn’t cost any money. The moments are happening anyway – we simply open our eyes to what we have perhaps overlooked before.

Here are one or two examples.

Every once in a while, in my exchanges with my wife JoAnn, I succeed in saying something that is at least a little bit funny – funny enough anyway that it provokes some spontaneous laughter in her. Three or four days ago, I suddenly noticed how at a certain point when she has been laughing awhile she pauses and says, “Oh heck.” It’s been going on for years. I realized how much I love hearing these two simple little words in this context.

I also became more consciously aware of something else that happens when she laughs. She always finishes her laugh with a warble or two — don’t know how else to describe it. It seems to come from somewhere deep in her throat and it sounds like happiness humming to itself.

I shared a joke with my doctor today. He’s a great guy. We were talking on the phone, and he was apologizing for the fact that he was croaking because of a bad cold.

As the conversation came to a close I couldn’t resist it. I said, “I’ve got one or two good medical books here, Dr. Thom. Maybe there’s something I could do to help with your cold.”

I’m afraid my jokes don’t always work. But I think this one did, because he began wheezing with laughter. It may sound strange. But there was as much happiness in me in that simple little moment as when I walked up the gangway of a Holland America cruise ship a few years ago at the start of a Caribbean cruise with JoAnn.

Perhaps the expectations we load on to “big” events work against us sometimes? Reality has a difficult time living up to them?

In any event, I find more and more that there is gold – the gold of joy, the gold of eternal happiness and love – waiting for me always in the little everyday moments of my life. It’s “hiding in plain sight.” All it seems to need from me is my attention.


  1. Me Me December 10, 2009

    Corinne..happiness is being at home whenever I when I realize, that even if we have never met, my source of inspiration and joy is in the same city :)is when I realize that all's well with you and you are happyis when God Decided to send Corinne to Earth to be an integral part of our lives..God Bless my unending pot of Joy and optimism 🙂

  2. Indy Indy December 9, 2009

    This was so sweet!! Will check out his blog too!!

  3. indianhomemaker indianhomemaker December 8, 2009

    Oh Heck, I loved this!! Happiness for me too is in the little moments in our everyday life 🙂

  4. Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues December 8, 2009

    @ IHM – Am glad you liked it…yes it's always the little things that bring the most happiness! Hope you got a chance to visit Chris' blog.

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