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Here’s To New Connections

Blogging in my experience, is all about networking and connecting with people. We write for ourselves – true. But what would we be without our readers. Sometimes these readers are fellow-bloggers and sometimes we feel a strong connection and if we work on this, a lovely relationship forms. Through a series of blog hops, every Friday, I’ve formed some great connections. Here’s one blog hop (hosted by Design It Chic), that I joined and ‘found’ some lovely folks:

Some of my new blogger connections are:

Sue of Beach Bungalow
Robin of Your Daily Dose
Colleen of Carpe Diem, Gorgeous 
Nicole of Happily Ever After Again
Gaia of Back to Basics
Betty of Cut and Dry

Thank you, ladies. I’m so glad we connected.

I also wanted to share a bit of good news: 

Everyday Gyaan has recently been honored to receive’s Top 50 Wellness Gurus Award.  The Wellness Guru Award recognizes the top 50 Internet-based resources providing support and advice for college student’s mental, emotional and physical health. (that’s what the commendation reads).  Another connection that might lead to more connections!
May you be inspired – everyday!

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