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Hope Is the Light

It’s great to be back here. Though I’ve been away for less than a week – it does seem longer! Perhaps because for most of the week I’ve had what I thought was the ‘flu – a low grade fever and a headache. How was I to know that it would ‘blossom’ in to malaria? Yes, both of us have had malaria again and believe me, it’s not pleasant. However, the worst is over, thank God – just the weakness remains.
This year malaria is rampant in Mumbai. We were aware that malaria can recur and in fact I had taken a preventive dose the last time around. However, we’ve been careless not to do other simple things like keeping our bedroom doors and windows shut between 5 pm to 8 pm  and using a mosquito net. Perhaps, we’ve been so because treatment is easily accessible and affordable to us? (A luxury not everyone enjoys, sadly).  We’ve decided to be much more careful now. 
Make sure that you are informed and careful. While not meaning to alarm you – do look out for the symptoms and contact your doctor immediately if you have any of them. Also spread this information to people you know. 

Musical Monday

Hope is the Light was the song dedicated to World Malaria Day 2010.

May you be inspired – everyday!

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