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I Apologise and

On Monday, 20th June, at precisely 12.43 pm, 25 of my old posts were sent out, all together, by AWeber, the emailing service I use, and paid good money for! Given the fact that they are in another time zone from me, and that they ‘sat’ on my query for a couple of days, I was completely puzzled about why that happened. I put out an apology on Everyday Gyaan’s Facebook page and one on my Facebook page. But was a little reluctant to post here until I was clear about things. Suppose another (or the same!) posts went out all over again? 🙂

Here’s what AWeber finally responded with – landing the problem back in my lap, as it were:

The issue you see below is a result of the URLs for your blog posts changing. Each time these change, the system will assume this is a new post and repull it to send out.

For instance, for your message “Celebrate You” you can see that the first time it was populated it had the URL: but the second time, a couple days later had the URL:

It seems that your blog is causing this to occur pretty frequently and it might be something that I would suggest bringing up to that party.

It was useless attempting to get them to apologize for the delay in the response – also strangely I got through to them on the telephone the first time I tried, but they claimed they couldn’t get through to me – “No one answered the telephone” – this when I was sitting next to it! And responding within 24 hours (like they promised when I signed up) may not always happen. It certainly didn’t in this case. 

Understandably, I was furious – poor customer service and arrogance does that to me. However, I decided to let it go and try to work out what the problem is with the feed. I made some changes to the template today, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you don’t get flooded with old posts. Please bear with me if you do – I promise to try another fix if this one doesn’t work. 

Meanwhile, if any of you ‘blog technicians’ have some ideas – do let me know. Don’t tell me to move to WordPress – I’m not ready for that just yet.  

May you be inspired – everyday!

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