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It’s That Season Again

Picture credit: Jonathan Lockwood Huie’s Dream This Day

There’s a distinct nip in the air – the chill that we associate with Christmas, here in Mumbai, set in this morning. We’ve got our Christmas cards out – the paper ones for now – e-cards closer to the day. But I must tell you that I’m not a great one for getting all excited about Christmas. In fact, to be honest, I consider it a highly over-rated festival. No, I’m not being cynical – just saying it like I see it. There’s way too much hype and anticipation and somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten what it’s meant to be. 
So take away the false festivities, and the social duties that are often a drag – and give me a lovely, quiet day by the beach, any day……(and some lovely carols in the background, pretty please!)
But that’s me….I hope you have a wonderful season – and it all turns out just the way you want it to be!

May you be inspired – everyday!


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